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remembering the roots of true wellness


On my own wellness journey and among my wellness coaching clients, I have seen that true wellness is experienced only when we are connected to our soul. Disconnection from our soul is the root cause of our dis-ease, both energetically and physically.


Remembering our soul's plan and living our true purpose is essential to our wellbeing. Once we are aligned, we heal and our authentic vibrancy shines through.

As a wellness coach, my focus is on your wellness. As a soul coach, my focus is on your wellbeing. To help tend to your wellbeing, I access The Akashic Records to provide gems of guidance that illuminate where you are on your soul's journey. Each reading is an opportunity to explore your soul's story and remember what you came here to learn. The remembering, the learning, and the growth from healing allows your soul to bloom in your heart and creates a palpable sense of vibrant wellbeing.

I have received and delivered the most truthful and empowering guidance from the Records than any other energetic healing modality. The profound messages are enveloped in love and their poignancy is abundantly awe-inspiring. Accessing the Records to receive guidance for your soul is a gift for your wellbeing.  

"This was my first reading. I walked away with a beautiful, deep remembering of things I felt I’ve always known and clear guidance on my unique gifts and how to use them skillfully. With Pam’s deep knowledge of health and wellness, this newest offering is amazingly supportive." 



life happens for you

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic realm is an energetic space where the history of every soul is stored. Each thought, feeling and action from all our lifetimes is saved in this dimension. 


How do the Records support me?

We are all divine beings, who use our human experiences to evolve our soul by living our soul’s plan. When we embodied as humans, we forgot our soul’s plan. We re-remember as we learn the lessons we came here learn. Remembering our plan and learning our lessons is what illuminates our spirit and fills our heart. Each moment here is an opportunity to heal and grow. In other words, life doesn’t happen to you, life happens for you. The Records are available to us as a spiritual resource to receive guidance for our highest good as we find our way on this journey. 


How do Readings work?

An Akashic reading is not a psychic reading for predicting futures or outcomes. Rather, it’s a space to access for guidance for your soul’s journey. As such, you ask a question to the Records and the Records will offer direction to help you learn a lesson your soul desires. Once I open your records using a simple prayer, I will receive messages from your guides by way of metaphor through images and stories as well as sensory and auditory sensations. The guides will share insights from your soul’s experiences, which could include past lives, childhood, current life, or distant moments. In the beginning of our session, we’ll get to know each other and explore the question you wish to ask. After the reading, we’ll discuss what the Records shared and how to integrate the learning in your life. The Akashic is a compassionate space, and all messages received are for your highest good to promote healing. Your guides come through for you to offer a loving helping hand.


What types of questions can I ask? 

Think about an area in your life where you feel stuck, confused, or curious. For example, if you want clarity on your soul’s purpose, your gifts, or soul’s direction, ask for guidance. If you need help with relationships or career issues, ask for guidance. If there are behavior patterns or emotional cycles you repeat, ask for guidance. If you have trouble expressing love or feel anxious in situations, ask for guidance. If you have health issues, ask for guidance. If you experience resistance in aspects of your life, ask for guidance. The guides don’t understand “should I” or “right or wrong” questions. This is a non-judgmental space that recognizes all your experiences make up the tapestry of your soul’s journey. 


Do certain people have the ability to read the Records?

The Records found me in January of 2022, when I was seeking deeper and more meaningful experiences. I have been reading the Records and studying the Akashic realm with Laura Coe through her Little Soul School and with my sensational cohort ever since. The Records are available to everyone, and everyone can learn how to access them. We are all mystics. Being open to receive is what allows for a beautiful reading to unfold whether you’re the reader or being read. 

How do I book a Session?

Please click the button below to book your one-hour session. I'm currently scheduling Readings on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. If these, times don't work for you, please email me. Cost for the Soul Coaching Session with an Akashic Reading is $150.

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