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Everyday Indian Batch Cook

I could eat Indian food every day. If I did, this is what I'd make...



Fish Curry

Coconut Milk Tikka Masala (tofu, chicken or fish)

Super Green Saag Tofu

Broccolini Cauliflower Pea Shoot Pulao

Red Lentil Daal with Spicy Pepper Topper

Cilantro Chutney

Rice Flour Roti

Coconut Yogurt Raita


Recommended spices...

Frontier Co-op Organic Curry - the organic blend is different than the regular.

Frontier Co-op Garam Masala


All recipes are gluten free and dairy free. Ghee will not be used. 


To access the Cook Guide and Video, please click on the DOWNLOAD button included in your emailed receipt after you complete your purchase. Please check your junk mail if you don't receive it. This will download a Welcome Letter that will contain the link and password to our private Cook Site, where you'll find your Cook Guide and Video to cook along.


I respectfully ask that our private site, the documents, links and videos I share with you remain with you and are not shared beyond your household. This is to honor my work as well as the commitment each of you have made by signing up. Thank you for understanding. Much appreciated. 

$50 per household.

Everyday Indian Batch Cook

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