• Zoom link live for 7 days! Yoga for All Levels plus food for thought.
    Wed1 hr
    20 US dollars

Class will be paused for summer, starting 5/18. Follow on Instagram for pops-up classes and recipes.

Yogis believe that we are born with a finite amount of breaths. If you lengthen your breath, then you lengthen your life. Join me to slow it down and Savor a Life Of Wellness. each moment and strengthen your mindfulness muscle. Together we'll find connection and calm through this moving meditation to encourage a more "heartful" pace off the mat. Slow means we'll move in a rhythmic cadence without the anticipation of what we're supposed to do next. A welcome practice as this series moves us into the holiday season.


Growing up, my mom played tennis almost every day. She always said "tennis saved her." Yoga is my tennis. Like most, I came to yoga to reap the physical benefits, but became hooked as the practice revealed many life lessons that have allowed me to thoroughly enjoy and experience life off the mat. Nineteen years later, I continue to find solace and inspiration in this special space. 

As a teacher of yoga on the mat, I seek to stay true to the original intention of yoga to create awareness that yoga cares more about the shape of your life than the shape of your body. In group and private sessions, I teach a steady flow that connects the classical intention of the asanas to the physical, mental and spiritual benefits we experience today. 

As a teacher of yoga off the mat, I use my "secret weapon" to make yoga's prominent pillar to follow your heart accessible and relatable. 

I received my 200-hr yoga certification through Moksha Yoga in Chicago and have studied with master teachers Noah Maze, Jason Crandell, Annie Carpenter, Kathyrn Budig, Gary Kraftsow, Gabriel Halpern, and Tias Little, and spiritual healer Ramaa Krishnan.