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Yoga with Intention - 10/12-11/2

A 4-Week Series: Wednesdays, 10/12-11/2, 9-10am CST on zoom. Recording available for one week.


To fully understand and feel how energy affects us, I'll be delving into the charkas throughout the coming months, taking four weeks to pause on each chakra to explore and heal.


I'll begin our journey focusing on our root chakra and what we need to flourish as a human. The word human comes from the Latin word “humus,” meaning earth or ground. We'll explore what it means to re-root, using our yoga mats for the practice. Perfect timing as fall has arrived.


I hope you'll join me and this inspiring group of women who show up to each series I teach to create a soothing space to collectively learn, heal, be well, and just be.


Classes are accessible for all levels.


Sign up for all 4 weeks for $70 here. Or, drop-in for $20 per class when you can. Sign up here for drop-ins. All levels welcome. 


Yoga with Intention - 10/12-11/2

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