Pam Gross


"Wherever you are is where you should be." This couldn't be more true for me. I feel all roads, and my heart, have led me here. My resume would include managing editor, advertising account director and non-profit benefit consultant. Yet, using my skills as a yoga instructor and certified holistic health coach, I ventured off on my own wellness journey and discovered boundless insights that I knew I had to share. First discovery, if I wanted to eat the way I wanted, I needed to learn how to cook! So I cooked dinner for my family every single school night for an entire year. Flops aside, I learned how to make everyday delicious recipes healthier. Using my cooking chops and writing skills, my food-loving husband and I created a recipe and wellness blog called The Bread & Buddha. It became the go-to recipe resource for my health coaching clients. They always felt great after my wellness journey, but needed help in the kitchen. I met their pleas to cook for them with The Bread & Buddha Kitchen, first a meal delivery service and now our Organic Food Boutiques. Beyond cooking and recipe development, I use all my skills to run the business, from financials to filling fridges - and love every second of it. But mostly, I love how BBK gives me space to make so many beautiful soul-to-soul connections with people like you. With a full heart - and belly - thank you for joining me on this amazing journey! This is my joy!

Mia Cutler

Kitchen Manager

I have enjoyed cooking my whole life, sharing my food with family and friends. When my kids were small I had a granola company called ‘Ennotville Farm’. We had five kinds of granola and I would wake my children up to go and stock the shelves of grocery stores before they opened. My granola was in Foodstuffs, Treasure Island, Sunset, various other grocery stores, coffee shops and even Crate and Barrel!  At some point I decided my family came first and focused on them. My children are 18 and 20 now... I still make granola occasionally, but now my passion has evolved to creating satisfying organic food for busy individuals and families who want to eat in a certain way but don’t have the time to cook. I look at the food we create everyday and comment ‘that’s a beautiful salad!’ or ‘these oats look delicious!’  I LOVE going to work every morning. 

Anya Viner

Plant-Loving Cook

Growing up in California with a backyard garden, fresh fruits and vegetables are what I know and love.  Some of my earliest memories are of cooking at home and trying different, interesting flavors at restaurants and friend’s homes. Fast forward many years, after playing volleyball in college and receiving an MBA, I found my way back to food through marketing at a food company. Yet, healthy cooking/baking remained a passion of mine and motivated me to get my Baking and Pastry Certificate from the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. When a dear friend introduced me to Pam and I started working at BBK, I felt the energy here aligns so well with what I believe in and love to do. The commitment to making healthy, organic satisfying food that’s easy to grab and helps people feel their best is what BBK is all about. We are a unique bunch who want perfection in the ingredients we use and the product we make.  I hope you can taste the love that goes into every bite!

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