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Welcome to Your 3-Day Reset

I'm Pam - that's me! I'm a real person and your holistic health coach this week. Please feel free to reach out to me at with questions. I love hearing from you and I'm here to help!


I created this private site as a resource for you while you are Resetting this week. Be sure to click around and download anything you want to keep!

First-time Resetter or has it been a while since your last Reset? Click here for daily tips!


For some, the 3-Day Reset is all about the food. If that's what works for you this week, go for it! If you want to go deeper, I've provided more for you. My intention for creating the Reset was to teach as many people as possible about healthy eating and living - and to show you that being well is actually easy. Once you know what to do and you feel better, staying committed to this way of living simply becomes your way of life.  More importantly, connecting to what you truly want in your heart is what keeps this all sustainable. I call it Heartful-Eating®. You'll learn more about it in the Maintenance Plan.

There's a lot to digest here. Take time to get through it and only take on what you can right now. You can always Reset again and layer on new healthy habits when you're ready. So let's get started!

Your 3-Day Reset foods will arrive Tuesday early evening. First step - decide when you want to start:

  • Tuesday Dinner - Friday Lunch

  • Wednesday Breakfast - Friday Dinner

Either one is great! We do recommend that you follow the 2-Day Prep to enhance results. It is optional - but is good health really optional?!

Lastly, please read our Program Agreement and download it for your files.

Note: To honor my work as well as the commitment you have made, I respectfully request that you please do not share these documents or this site with others (spouses/partners don't count). Much appreciated!

With gratitude...


2-Day Prep

Get back to your roots and eat for who you are. Eliminate and add what you can, but most importantly, tap into your intuition for good health. Click the button to download your plan.


3-Day Reset

Our bodies are self-cleaning ovens. Learn how the foods we've provided help the body do what it does best - keep us healthy. Click the button to download your plan. It's also in your bag.


The Maintenance Plan

Healthy eating and living is easy to do when you're connected to how you feel. Keep all this good going by following my Four Food Path™ to Feel Good for Good! Click the button to download your plan.



  • If you work out early in the morning, have something to eat before you begin.

    • If a whole smoothie is too much in your belly before you workout, have half of the smoothie now and half after your workout.

    • Have a piece of protein pre-workout and have the smoothie after.

  • Chew your food. Chewing releases natural digestive enzymes and breaks down food for easier digestion. This is especially true for cruciferous veggies like broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels!

  • Eat up all the food given to you, especially the veggies. Leafy greens and veggies deliver the nutrients we need to feel well. We need 8-13 servings of veggies a day to get adequate nutrients. 

  • Use your dressings. Healthy fat is brain food. If you're feeling loopy, you may not be using enough dressing. Both containers may be gone in three days. These healthy fats may solidify in your fridge. Let them come to room temp or microwave 2-3 T for 10 seconds. 

  • To reheat chicken without drying it out, top with dressing and microwave lightly covered with a paper towel for 20 seconds or heat in 350º oven (toaster oven works great) for 5-7 minutes. 

  • The more you relax during the next three days, the better the Reset will work. Take a bath, get a massage, meditate, walk without a destination. 

  • Remember... we're not dieting, we're Resetting. You eat the food and reduce your stress, and your body will do the rest! 


  • Drink water equal to half your body weight in ounces, move your body and rest.

  • If cravings come on strong today (or tonight when we usually indulge in sugar after a long stressful day, remember stress and sugar are connected), try to soothe the stress rather than feed it with more food - which only makes your body more stressed! Vicious cycle. Take a hot bath, do something creative, break out a puzzle, read, or if all else fails, jump up and down 100 times. This action releases the feel good hormones your body is seeking from sugar. Honestly, it works - and it's funny. 

  • If you're feeling hungry, especially at night... 1) We're resetting which means your hunger will stabilize. 2) This also means we're not dieting, so eat something if you're hungry. Try a piece of protein, more soup, veggies or supplement with some chicken breast or turkey slices (Applegate or Whole Foods brand at the deli counter. While this protein is processed, it's lean - eat in moderation. The added salt is not a problem since the foods we provided are low in sodium). 


  • If you're continuing to Reset on your own by eating similar foods, please be sure to drink a lot of water. Your body holds water when inflamed, so you can become dehydrated as you get back into balance. 

  • When your carbs are low, eat fat to feel good. Fat is an energy source. So without sugars, your body will use the added fat for energy. You won't get fat eating fat when you reduce sugar in the form of all carbs!

  • Recipes for items on the Reset are not available of obvious reasons. Please do check out for a ton of healthy recipes. Those recipes marked with a (C) are clean (not inflammatory). Those with a (+) may include dairy, sugar or gluten.

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