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Pam Gross

Owner & Chef

The Bread & Buddha Kitchen

an online cooking studio

& wellness workspace


Laura White

Founder & Owner

Arch and

Arch Glow Apothecary

align with nature

Join Pam & Laura for a Natural Healing Series

November 16th @ Arch Glow

913 Green Bay Road in Winnetka


Grounding 11-11:30am

Learn how to feel rooted with delicious nut mixes roasted with healing herbs and spices. 


Uplifting 12-12:30pm

Taste a simple wild berry smoothie that energizes, nourishes and uplifts your spirit. 


Balancing 1-1:30pm

Be inspired to tap into nature for soul soothing, body cleansing elixirs. 

Join Pam and Laura as they share their passion for healing through nature.

Come to one or all mini events to discover and explore ingredients that have a profound effect on the body inside and out.

Each mini event includes a wellness talk, food demo, tasting, recipes and apothecary tour.


nature always wins

Enter our raffle to win one 3-Day SLOW Reset from Pam and Arch Glow products from Laura!

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