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Eat well. Curb cravings. Feel lean. Boost energy. Get grounded... AND learn how to keep it going after. 

Our nutrient-dense clean food reset reduces sugar, increases fiber, bumps up healthy fats, packs in the protein and jumpstarts an easy eating plan you can sustain. No juicing required! Just simple, organic fresh prepared foods plus health coaching support as you learn what your body needs to feel good. This is more than a cleanse. It's a launch pad for wellness. Whether you just got back from vacation, celebrated all weekend or want to get back on track, it's time to RESET! Here's the skinny from some happy Resetters...

"I lost 3 pounds. My stomach is calm - and my hip doesn't hurt anymore! I was definitely inflamed. I'm energized now to maintain this healthy lifestyle. 

The food was super delicious and satisfying. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a healthy start!" 

-  Elizabeth

Such an easy way to ‘put my oxygen mask on first.’ All the food was fresh and delicious and right in my fridge for a successful week! Pam was incredibly supportive throughout the Reset which made it even easier. I feel fantastic and can’t wait to Reset again! 

– Jessica


The 3-Day Reset is even better the second time around! I understand how to utilize it more effectively and feel great. Even more fun if you do it with another family member! Can’t wait to do it again!!

– Laura

 I had no joint pain when I woke up this morning. Seriously!! I came downstairs and thought, wow, something feels different today!! 

– Carolyn


The Reset really helped me get back on track (I thought I was pretty good), but it really helped me recognize where I had fallen off.


– Suzy

The 3-Day Reset is the perfect cleanse! It includes plenty of food, continuous support from Pam, AND a cup of coffee!! So reasonable all the

way around. I lost weight and am feeling great. Thanks Pam!!

– Laura 

"I love everything about The 3-Day Reset. Just ordered it again!” 

- Lisa


"I loved your cleanse. It was just what I needed to reset - and I was never starving. I lost a few pounds, feel great, and got a jumpstart on eliminating all the snacks and processed foods I was eating." 

- Amy

"I was 100% successful during The Reset and I dropped 3 pounds in three days. I physically and mentally feel in control, nourished properly, less bloated, less inflamed, and more relaxed and optimistic."

– Patti


  • 2 Pre-Reset Health Coaching Days on Monday & Tuesday

  • 3 Meals for 3 Days for One Person - choices at check, plus two rotating menus

  • Detox Soup

  • Health Coaching Support

  • Nutritional Guide

  • Maintenance Plan

NEW: Receive your Reset on Tuesdays - Delivery (3-6PM) or Pick-up (3-8pm). Featuring a flexible schedule of your choice:

  • Tuesday dinner -  Friday lunch

  • Wednesday breakfast - Friday dinner


Pick-up at 1788 2nd St. in Highland Park.

Menu uses organic, local ingredients wherever possible and is cooked fresh before pick up. 


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